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FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

South Washington County Bulletin ― July 12, 2018
by Katie Nelson
Cottage Grove is working to improve river access for its residents, including access to Settler's Island. FMR worked with the parks department to complete a plan to replace the buckthorn that currently covers the island with native species, both to improve habitat and improve recreational access and amenities such as picnic tables.
Pioneer Press ― July 6, 2018
by Bob Shaw
As the Army Corps of Engineers considers its options for two local dams, is removal on the table? FMR cautiously endorses the return of rapids, pending extensive community discussion.
(Also published in multiple Minnesota newspapers .)
Press Pub Quad Community Press ― June 25, 2018
How FMR's Stream Health Evaluation Program (SHEP) volunteers evaluate the health of local river tributaries with stream-dwelling bugs and how to join.
St. Paul Voice ― June 24, 2018
by Ginny Contreras Sawyer
Known for their steady coverage of river-related news, this local paper celebrated FMR's silver anniversary with a special focus on our new West Side St. Paul habitat restoration project and the Write To The River celebration at a local brewery (Wabasha).
(Republished in
Villager ― June 8, 2018
by Kate Hunt
A community member unaffiliated with FMR affirms the importance of addressing the old industrial waste dump at the St. Paul Ford site before redevelopment can begin.
Star Tribune and Associated Press ― May 23, 2018
by Steve Karnoski (AP)
FMR and our allies called upon Gov. Mark Dayon to veto the state bonding bill that used environmental lottery dollars in ways Minnesota's voters never intended.
(Republished by
Villager ― May 22, 2018
by Jane McClure
As the redevelopment of the massive Ford site moves forward in St. Paul, FMR calls for more attention to what lies below: Ford's old industrial waste dump.
Pioneer Press ― May 15, 2018
by Nick Ferrarro
After successfully convincing the Inver Grove Heights park commission not to sell a beloved neighborhood park (not once, but twice), community members and FMR
KARE 11 ― May 7, 2018
by Lou Raguse
Continued microplastic contamination does not bode well for the health of our Great Lakes or the Mississippi River.
Star Tribune ― April 27, 2018
by Janet Moore
Midtown Greenway Supporters, Midtown Greenway Coalition and 36 other groups (FMR included) aim to raise funds to study how to make a railroad bridge safe for biking and walking to continue the greenway across the river.
Pioneer Press ― April 9, 2018
by Nick Ferraro
After hearing from neighbors and FMR advocates, the Inver Grove Heights parks commission recommended to preserve River Heights Park as a park instead of putting it up for sale. A couple months later (see above, May 16, 2018), the city council followed suit and the park was officially saved.
Star Tribune ― April 9, 2018
by Josephine Marcotty
American Rivers named the Mississippi River gorge one of the most endangered rivers as part of its new campaign to restore the river's flow and rapids through the Twin Cities by removing the Ford Dam and Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam. FMR weighs in with cautious optimism, noting support for the concept as well the need for extensive community discussion and additional research.
Pioneer Press ― April 8, 2018
by Nick Woltman

American Rivers places the Mississippi River Gorge at number six on its 2018 list of the nation's top 10 most-threatened-rivers, citing a pair of locks and dams in Minneapolis-St. Paul that have remained in place despite being closed to commercial barge traffic since 2015. FMR cautiously endorses the idea of restoring the rapids while calling for a robust and extensive commmunity discussion and additional research.

KDWA and Hastings Star Gazette ― April 1, 2018
With Earth Day approaching, Hastings community radio promoted hands-on volunteer opportunities with the FMR Vermillion Stewards program, supported by the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization and the United Way of Hastings. (Also mentioned in Hastings Star Gazette.)
MPR ― March 29, 2018
by Kirsti Marohn
As Minnesota's drinking water quality falls short of benchmarks, it's time to fully consider the role of agriculture in water pollution. FMR is helping to develop solutions that benefit farmers and drinking water.


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