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FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

Star Tribune ― January 25, 2020
by Miguel Otárola
The City of Minneapolis and developers of the Upper Harbor Terminal will ask this year's Legislature for $20 million in bonds. FMR's Colleen O'Connor Toberman cautions that a lot of questions about the project need to be answered before taxpayer funds should be committed to its development.
Star Tribune ― January 8, 2020
by James Walsh
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will host a meeting on Ford Area C to give a more detailed overview of its history, its current condition and future options. Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted calling for more thorough investigation of the site's effect on the river and community health.
Mpls. St. Paul Magazine ― January 5, 2020
by Kait Ecker
The proposal for a river walkway that would allow views of St. Anthony Falls raises questions for FMR's Colleen O'Connor Toberman (quoted) and others.
MPR News ― December 5, 2019
by Kirsti Marohn
FMR Water Program Director Trevor Russell helps answer a listener's question about the Mississippi, murky by the time it reaches the St. Croix River. Spoiler: Sediment enters the Minnesota River, turning it brown. Much of that erosion is caused by farming practices in the region and carries harmful amounts of nitrates and phosphates with it.
KARE 11 News ― December 3, 2019
by Alex Hagan
A coyote attack on a dog in Inver Grove Heights prompted KARE 11 to interview FMR ecologist Alex Roth who highlighted a project we're working with: The Twin Cities Coyote and Fox Project aims to increase our understanding of canids adapting to urban growth.
Northeaster ― November 26, 2019
by Cynthia Sowden
Recent resignations from the Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment collaborative planning committee include Paul Bauknight (also an FMR board member) and Tessa Anttila. They left due to concerns that the committee prioritized the needs of developers over community members. The article also quotes our
FOX 9 News ― November 17, 2019
by Tom Lyden
Who will the Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment serve? Fox 9 News recently asked that question. FMR's Colleen O'Connor Toberman was interviewed alongside community members, elected officials, and the development team.
Longfellow Nokomis Messenger ― October 31, 2019
by Margie O'Loughlin
Ford Motor Company's toxic waste dump on the St. Paul river floodplain, known as Area C, is gaining more attention. As community awareness grows, so does pressure on Ford and state agencies to study the dumpsite more closely to consider cleanup options. Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted.
Star Tribune ― October 20, 2019
by Erin Adler
We found the federally endangered Minnesota state bee on FMR-restored bluffland at Pine Bend Bluffs in Inver Grove Heights, a positive sign for habitat. FMR ecologist Karen Schik quoted.
Star Tribune ― October 12, 2019
by Greg Stanley
Pheasant numbers are declining in Minnesota as more and more habitat is converted back to farmland and out of the Conservation Reserve Program. The program wouldn't be able to give us the significant and permanent gains for water quality, soil health and habitat that we need in the long-run. Water Program Director Trevor Russell advocates instead for a transition to a market that demands more continuous vegetation on the landscape. (Republished in Telegraph Herald.)
Star Tribune ― October 4, 2019
by Greg Stanley
Along with other wildlife and environmental groups, we’ve signed on to a petition of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to require non-lead ammunition and to ban lead jigs and tackle in lakes with nesting loons.
(Also republished by The Bakersfield Californian, The Lewiston Tribune, MyWave, NWCable, and Rome News Tribune.)
Star Tribune ― September 13, 2019
by Janet Moore
The riverfront north of St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis is changing rapidly. In this Star Tribune feature, Janet Moore quickly covers this transformation through a transportation lens and highlights a key piece of this rapidly shifting riverfront the city of Minneapolis’s former port, a.k.a. the Upper Harbor Terminal. FMR River Corridor Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman is quoted.
Star Tribune ― September 2, 2019
by Jennifer Bjorhus
The state has a new $360 million plan to turn things around for the Minnesota River and cut the river's sediment levels in half. Will it be enough? Our water program director Trevor Russell talks to the Star Tribune about how a shift in farming could help us get there.
Star Tribune ― August 31, 2019
by Shannon Prather
The Army Corps of Engineers has built over 25 islands on the river and wants to make seven more in the Pig's Eye backwaters. Built from dredge material, these islands would create shoreline habitat for birds, fish, otters and more. Some are calling for more public input opportunities and more study, but we're hopeful about the project's potential for wildlife. FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark quoted.
Northeaster ― June 25, 2019
by Alex Schlee
On June 11, we installed a demonstration prairie at Nicollet Island. This article overviews the whole restoration project and highlights our volunteers. FMR ecologist Alex Roth quoted.


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