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FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

KUNC ― February 20, 2019
by Amy Mayer
Perennial and alternative crops won't just be good for wildlife and water quality; as electric cars shift the market away from corn grown for ethanol, rural economies and farmers can transition to clean-water crops. Water Director Trevor Russell is quoted.
KSTP 5 ― February 4, 2019
Coverage of the community input meeting held by Minneapolis City Council Members shows community members, including FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark, calling for more time and a more inclusive planning process.
Lillie News ― February 3, 2019
by Marjorie Otto
In partnership with Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District, FMR has contracted local artist Liv Novotny to create a water quality mural at Lake Phalen this summer. Novotny will collaborate with the community to envision and carry out the artwork, starting with a meeting this February.
MPR News ― January 21, 2019
by Gabriel Kwan
Citing concerns about the financial security of a development partner, the Minneapolis City Council voted to delay their decision about the Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment plan by two weeks. FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted calling for the plan to not only be delayed, but changed.
Star Tribune ― January 15, 2019
by Whitney Clark and Paul Bauknight
As the Minneapolis City Council is poised to adopt a redevelopment plan for the Upper Harbor Terminal site in North Minneapolis that benefits private interests far more than public, we call for a more equitable planning process and a project plan that prioritizes community well-being and access to the river for all.
Fox 9 ― January 3, 2019
by Theo Keith
The early-2019 government shutdown took its toll on Minnesota's national parks, as park rangers were furloughed at St. Croix National Scenic Riverway and Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted.
MPR News ― January 2, 2019
by Brian Bakst
Congratulations to former FMR board member Sarah Strommen on her appointment as Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources by Governor-elect Tim Walz. Strommen has more than 20 years of natural resources experience. FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark quoted.
(Republished in
Star Tribune ― December 13, 2018
by Erin Adler
The owner of an island near Pine Bend Bluffs Scientific and Natural Area in Inver Grove Heights hasn't paid taxes for the last five years on the property. That means that the island could go up for sale. FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted in the article, noting that the island is important for migratory birds and turtles and not developable due to flooding.
CCX media ― November 27, 2018
by Eric Nelson
Brooklyn Center Mayor-Elect Mike Elliott is eager to join other mayors along the Mississippi River in fighting to reduce plastic pollution. The Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative wants to cut the amount of plastic in the river by half by the year 2020. A goal that FMR applauds.
Longfellow Nokomis Messenger ― November 18, 2018
by Ellie Rogers (FMR)
Cheers to the volunteers who removed invasive species and planted native trees and wildflowers for better wildlife habitat in the Mississippi River Gorge!
Mill City Times ― November 17, 2018
by Ellie Rogers (FMR)
A reblog of FMR's special places article on confluences.
Saturday Evening Post ― November 14, 2018
by Ken Budd
A profile of FMR SuperVolunteer Warren Stortroen. “This eager volunteer traded business suits for hiking boots to help scientists study the Earth...."
CBS ― November 13, 2018
3 No-Cost Events In Minneapolis - Friends of the Mississippi River happy hour
Rubicon Online ― November 12, 2018
by Emma Sampson
A student club at St. Paul Academy and Summit School helped restore habitat along the river in St. Paul by removing invasive species. Now they plan to plant a pollinator garden at their school.
Northeaster ― October 30, 2018
by Cynthia Sowden
After a great deal of planning and community discussion, our first public habitat restoration volunteer event took place on Nicollet Island near downtown Minneapolis.


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