Native Plants

Learn about the potential impact a backyard can have on bird, butterfly and bee habitats in the article Habitat in the city: the power of the single yard by FMR's Conservation Director Betsy Daub.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few select species especially good for urban gardens.

Early blooms

Violets (purple) Viola sp

Columbine (red) Aquilegia canadensis

Wild lupine (blue) Lupinus perennis

Prairie onion (pink) Allium cernuum

Prairie coreopsis (yellow)  Coreopsis palmata

Mid season

Purple prairie clover (purple) Dalea purpurea

Wild bergamot (lavender) Monarda fistulosa

Culver’s root (white) Veronicastrum virginicum

Swamp milkweed (pink) Asclepias incarnata

Butterflyweed (orange) Asclepias tuberosa

Wild anise (purple) Agastache foeniculum

Late season

Prairie coneflower (yellow) Ratibida pinnata

Blazing star (pink) Liatris ligulostylis

New England aster (purple)  Symphyotricum novae-angliae

Showy goldenrod (yellow) Solidago speciosa


American plum (large)  Prunus americana

Smooth rose (small-med) Rosa blanda

False indigo (large) Amorpha fruticosa

Elderberry (small-med) Sambucus sp

Juneberry (medium) Amelanchier sp

Dogwood varieties: Pagoda, gray and red osier (small-large)

Shade plants

Wild geranium (pale violet) Geranium maculatum

Zig zag goldenrod (yellow) Solidago flexicaulis

Columbine (red) Aquilegia canadensis

Large-leaved aster (lavender) Eurybia macrophylla

Large-flowered bellwort (yellow) Uvularia grandiflora


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