Rain Barrels

Rain barrel workshop participants assembling their kit

Rain barrel workshop participants assembling their kit.

FMR and other community workshops are a great way to not only get an affordable rain barrel but learn about their care and what else you can do to make your yard river-friendly.

There are a number of options for rain barrels. You can choose DIY (do-it-yourself), buy one that is ready-made, or go for an in-between and build a rain barrel in a guided workshop.

Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District provides a comprehensive booklet to educate yourself about the purpose and uses of rain barrels and a how-to guide on choosing, building and installing your own rain barrel. Visit their rain barrels page and, for the comprehensive guide, select "More than a Drop in the Bucket." 

For information on how to install a rain barrel, both the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District's rain barrels page and Metro Blooms' instructional YouTube video are helpful.

DIY rain barrels

Capitol Region Watershed District offers an online rain barrel-building guide. 

Workshop-guided rain barrels

Workshops to teach you how to build and use your own rain barrel are often held through various community organizations. All materials are provided, and the best part is once you're done you get to take your rain barrel home! These workshops usually cost around $40.

Check the FMR calendar for upcoming workshops or email Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator Sophie Downey, sdowney@fmr.org to be notified when we add rain barrel workshops to the calendar. Please note, we usually offer 2-3 a year but they fill incredibly fast.

Check your neighborhood organization or local community education offerings for workshops.

• St. Paul Community Education frequently offers rain barrel workshops.

Ready-made rain barrels

Plastic and wooden rain barrels can be purchased from a number of locations around the Twin Cities.

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