Action Alert: Minneapolis needs bird-safe riverfront buildings!

Minneapolis is about to adopt a new Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) ordinance to guide riverfront development for years to come. Most of the city's ordinance is great, but we'd like to see them add one important thing: a requirement that new buildings along the river be bird-safe.

Ask your city councilmember to protect birds in our migratory flyway!

The Mississippi River is a crucial migratory flyway for about 40% of all North American migrating birds. Roughly 270 bird species live in or travel through the Twin Cities river flyway. Bird populations are experiencing significant collapse and are under continued threat. In the U.S. it's estimated that 600 million birds are killed in window strikes each year.

One way to balance density with wildlife protection is to require bird-friendly lighting design, building design and building materials in all new development along the river. Join us in asking Minneapolis to lead the metro region in adopting this requirement, making our biggest city more bird-friendly and setting an example for the other 24 cities and townships about to adopt their own riverfront ordinances.

To learn more about Minneapolis' Critical Area ordinance, read our summary. FMR also has extensive resources about the ordinance in general and its progress in other riverfront communities.

Take Action

Lawmakers tell us that the more personal a message is, the more influence it has. So please take a minute or two to personalize your comments! For example, you can write why the river is important to you, why you care about bird safety or another specific reason you support this issue.