FMR board member featured in 'Architecture MN'

by Colleen O'Connor Toberman

We're happy to see FMR board member Paul Bauknight interviewed for the most recent issue of Architecture MN magazine. Bauknight, a registered architect and designer, discusses his excitement for a new riverfront park in North Minneapolis, and how building trust with community members is crucial to any design process:

"The opportunity for high-impact parks and public spaces—spaces that deepen that sense of community ownership and are valuable to communities for a long time—lies in aligning design, policy, development, and financial visions with community vision. We can’t create that recipe for success without equitable, meaningful engagement with the community."

Paul brings his valuable expertise to FMR, where he works especially closely with our River Corridor program. He recently led a revision of the program's strategic plan, and is a trusted advisor in our work related to land use, development, community engagement, and racial and economic equity.

As a resident of North Minneapolis, Paul is particularly involved in local issues in the Above the Falls area, such as pedestrian and bike access and the Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment.

If you're passionate about community engagement, too, become a River Guardian and we'll keep you informed of opportunities to act when your city and state leaders are making important river-related decisions.


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