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Invasive carp

Good news, bad news in the fight to stop invasive carp (2019)

A new deterrent system installed 50 miles north of our border with Iowa is a promising effort to stop invasive carp in Minnesota. But a dozen invasive carp were found in the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers this year, further evidence that these destructive fish are growing in numbers in our state. Can we stop them before it's too late?  >>

September 26

Good news, bad news in the fight to stop invasive carp (2015)

The Stop Carp Coalition Minneapolis Lock Party.

Staff and leaders from the National Park Service, FMR, the Minneapolis Park Board and other allies gathered to celebrate the closure of the lock.

The closing of Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock is good news for Minnesotans. It will help ensure that invasive carp are not able to migrate upstream of downtown Minneapolis. Unfortunately, last week’s good news for the Mississippi was mired by the bad news about Bighead carp arriving in bigger numbers in the St. Croix River as far north as Stillwater. >>

June 12

Good news and bad news on invasive carp (2013)

First the good news: Rep. Keith Ellison had succeeded in adding language to a larger water resources bill that would close Upper St. Anthony Falls lock. 

Now the bad: Another silver carp (one of four species of invasive carp) was found in Minnesota last month – further north than the one found a little over a year ago near Winona. >>