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Volunteer Events

Get outside with FMR!

Two Super Volunteers

Super Volunteers Stacy and Allan. Photo by Anna Botz for FMR.

Believe it or not, March 20th marks the first day of spring! That means we're ramping up for event season and we've got plenty of opportunities for you to get your hands dirty with FMR. Join us to protect and restore local natural areas or rally for the river! >>

March 21

Help restore wildlife habitat at the William H. Houlton Conservation Area

Join Friends of the Mississippi River staff and volunteers for a morning furthering restoration work at the William H. Houlton Conservation Area (a.k.a. Houlton Farm). The William H. Houlton Conservation Area is a 335-acre property located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Elk rivers and is one of the largest undeveloped riverfront properties between the cities of Elk River and Hastings.

A shocking, long-awaited outing — The 2017 volunteer trout survey

“It’s been three years of cancellations with high water in the river and getting rained out," said volunteer Tom Ziegler with a smile. "They [FMR] dangle this carrot when we do the buckthorn removal across the road, that if we did that job, we would get to do this event.”

Well, 2017 was finally the year. >>

November 14

Dogwood planting near the banks of Middle Creek

Enjoy a crisp fall morning on Middle Creek, a tributary of the Vermillion River in Farmington, assisting FMR and the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization with a unique planting project: live-staking. We'll cut stems from dormant native trees and insert them into the stream bank. The cuttings will grow into new trees, helping to reduce erosion while creating new areas of habitat.

Cut and haul nuisance brush at Grey Cloud Dunes SNA

Grey Cloud Dunes SNA is one of those places you can hardly believe is in a metro area. Located in Cottage Grove, this highly protected Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) features two sandy terraces along the river. The first rises 40 to 60 feet above river-level with remarkable crescents and blowouts sculpted by southwesterly winds. The second, 110 feet above the Mississippi, has a dramatic cut-face. Dunes on both terraces rise in waves, cresting 10 to 20 feet above the swales.

H2O + Hops: The health of the Vermillion

Local experts from the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization will spend the first portion of the evening highlighting the most important trends and emerging issues facing the nearby subwatershed, as well as potential solutions. The presentation will primarily focus in on two main concerns, water volume and sediment issues in the Vermillion.

Next, hear from FMR's Stewardship Program Manager Adam Flett on actions you can take to make your home, lawn and community more water friendly.