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Seeing the Big River

Jeff Aguy

Jeff Aguy

Jeff Aguy spent his earliest years in a small village in Haiti. "We didn't have running water or flushable toilets. In fact, we were lucky if the electricity came on for a few hours a day," says Aguy. "Innovation was not a buzzword used by business people; it was the difference between life and death."

These childhood experience gave him a deep sense of purpose, love for community, and passion for solving complex problems.

Droves expected for Feb. 2019 river drawdown

The 2008 drawdown of the river around St. Anthony Falls drew thousands of people to glimpse the riverbed and learn more about our local national park. This year, another drawdown is scheduled for late February. (Photo by Tony Webster, CC2.0.)

In late-February 2019, you'll have a rare opportunity to see the Mississippi River at St. Anthony Falls lower than it's been for over 20 years. >>

January 16

Explore the river

Downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis glows above the Mississippi at the end of the Stone Arch Bridge.

Where do FMR staff visit and explore our metro Mississippi River? We've featured 30 of our favorite places on this map. Be sure to check out the links to guides curated by experience and region below. >>

Special Places: Staff favorites

Grey Cloud Island

Grey Cloud Island near Cottage Grove is FMR Administrative Assistant Raynette Prince's favorite river place. (Photo by Tom Bell for FMR.)

There are too many special river places to list — far more than 25 — so we'll close out our 25th-anniversary series with a few of our staff's favorite spots: the places we visit for solitude or critter watching or fishing, places that connect us deeply to the river and inspire us to do this work.  >>

December 13