It's time: Comment on the lock & dam disposition study

Image of Lock and Dam No. 1 by Tom Reiter
Photo by Tom Reiter.

UPDATE: The comment period has been extended until December 18. Make your comments through the form at the bottom of this page.

The Army Corps is now embarking on a highly anticipated disposition study, which will help decide what happens to the Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam, and Lock and Dam No. 1 (the Ford dam). Want more information? You can learn more about our current position, the case for and against lock and dam removal, and the study process

Their first step is to take community comments on the study’s scope: what questions the disposition study should consider and what kinds of information should be included as the Corps examines future scenarios for the locks and dams.

This is a great moment for you to weigh in! Now is the time for you to share your questions about what different future scenarios would mean for the river and our community. Your feedback can help ensure that we get all of our questions answered before the Corps moves forward with any changes to the locks and dams.

The most helpful comments during this phase are those that raise questions or issues that need to be studied. Comments that simply state your preferred study outcome are not likely to have any impact at this moment—those are more impactful later when the Corps’ study is complete and they are ready to make recommendations about the future of these structures.

Your input can help the Corps define what impacts and issues they should be considering for various future scenarios. These future scenarios will include a range of options including dam removal, transferring ownership of the locks and dams to another public or private owner, or the Corps continuing to own and manage the structures as they do now. 

Here are some examples of comments or questions that will influence how the Corps studies these potential outcomes:

Ask questions

  • What impacts would different outcomes have on our river environment, including water quality, wildlife populations, climate resilience and more?
  • How much sediment is built up between Lower St. Anthony Falls and Lock & Dam No. 1 and is it polluted? What would happen to this sediment if the dams were removed? How much would it cost to address that?
  • Will any bridges or other structures be jeopardized if one or both of these dams is removed? 

Describe what should be studied or is cause for concern

  • “I’m concerned about the water quality in the river if…”
  • “I think the Army Corps should study dam removal’s potential impacts on improving ecosystem health and…” 
  • “I think the Army Corps should study the geology of the river corridor to make sure it would be stable if these structures were removed…” 

Please use the form below to send your comments and questions to the Army Corps of Engineers on the scoping portion of their disposition study.

NOTE: Please edit the form in order to include your name and city / zip code.

Army Corps Scoping Comment Form

This form is no longer available since the scoping comment period closed on December 18, 2022. Sign up as a River Guardian and we will be in contact with updates about next steps in the disposition study and future chances to comment.

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