A baby dies, a brewery town runs dry — 'Water Pressure' illustrates MN & WI water problems

While we're sad to see Josephine Marcotty leave her post as the Star Tribune's long-time environmental reporter, we're grateful for her parting "Water Pressure" series. 

If you've been saving up your free, online-access Star Tribune stories, this trio is worth the clicks.

In each, Marcotty (now transitioning to a new role as a part-time science writer at the Strib) illustrates and makes Minnesota and Wisconsin's emerging water problems feel, well, real — which is no easy feat in the lands of 10,000+ lakes. 

They also underscore how critically important it is for us to develop and support nonpartisan, real-world solutions for our water pollution problems, especially fertilizer runoff from farm fields. 

Check out "Water Pressure":
• Part 1: Small brewery town running dry
Cold Spring faces the water shortage question looming for many Minnesota towns.
• Part 2: Baby’s death sparks water safety fight
Small-town Wisconsin residents take on the state and powerful ag industry.
• Part 3: With spigot open, a region flourishes
Far-sighted water systems set up towns for growth.

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