Map of Midwest with brown over much of the area around the Mississippi River
Water & Legislative
October 16, 2023
When farm fields are bare, there’s nothing to stop soil, fertilizers and other farm chemicals from washing off into our rivers, lakes and streams.Read more.
Two people talking near bee balm
November 6, 2023
Meet four plants in the restored tallgrass prairie and floodplain at Wakaŋ Tipi in St. Paul, a sacred place to the Dakota. FMR and our partners Wakaŋ Tipi Awaŋyaŋkapi talk about the medicine and habitat these trees and wildflowers provide.Read more.
Natalie Warren in a canoe on the Mississippi River
Stewardship & Education
November 7, 2023
We're excited that paddler, writer and river-lover Natalie Warren joined our staff in November to lead our Stewardship & Education program. Welcome, Natalie!Read more.
Outline of U.S. with Mississippi River, plus a pipeline splitting off the river to the Southwest
Water & Legislative
November 10, 2023
Despite its high environmental and economic costs, the literal "pipe dream" of diverting water from the Mississippi River to Arizona, Colorado and other dry states won't disappear.Read more.
Four people talk on a boat on the river
Land Use & Planning
November 13, 2023
FMR and our partners are bringing together researchers to dig into crucial questions that the official Army Corps lock and dam disposition study won't be able to answer. Here's what we're focusing on and why.Read more.
Drinking water glass
Water & Legislative
November 15, 2023
In response to a petition we signed last spring, the federal agency is requiring Minnesota to address the public health crisis created by nitrate pollution.Read more.


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