Our top priority: The Minnesota Water Act

Water Action Day in the Capitol rotunda

People come from throughout the state to call upon our representatives to protect our water on Water Action Day. The Minnesota Water Act empowers legislators to do that.  (Join us for Water Action Day 2019!)

This session, FMR and our coalition partners are teaming up to advance a new way forward for clean water: The Minnesota Water Act.

The Minnesota Water Act seeks to set a clear and ambitious goal for clean water, paired with nonpartisan and realistically achievable policy and funding initiatives to help us get there. 

This approach was developed by the Minnesota Water Cluster, a statewide coalition of water advocacy organizations, and earned the support of the Minnesota Environmental Partnership.

There are four parts to this legislative package.

Water Act Part 1: Set Minnesota’s clean water goal

The first article sets a new goal for our state: Minnesota will achieve 100% clean, safe and affordable water by 2050. Taking inspiration from Minnesota's renewable energy goals, we're asking our state to commit to restoring our rivers and lakes and ensuring safe and affordable drinking water supplies by the year 2050. 

Water Act Part 2: Common-sense policy reforms

Here we feature a few policy reforms that can pass through a divided government to protect our water. These include preventing salt pollution, adjusting the Safe Drinking Water fee, truth in labeling for "flushable" wipes and renewing the Legislative Water Commission.

Water Act Part 3: Invest in clean water

Article three includes critical investments in infrastructure, research and conservation. These range from funding wastewater and drinking water treatment systems to new programs that help diversify our crops and protect rural drinking water.

Water Act Part 4: Restore our trust, restore the Trust Fund

This final section calls upon the 2019 Legislature to fix a 2018 raid on dedicated environmental funding. 

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