NPR: As climate changes, taxpayers will shoulder larger U.S. payouts to farmers

by Trevor Russell

Cash crops like corn could get more expensive to insure thanks to climate change. (Photo by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: corn; CC BY-NC 2.0)

A recent National Public Radio story highlighted the risks that climate change may pose to both farm operations and Americans' pocketbooks in the years to come.

Many row-crop farm operations take out crop insurance to manage risk. About 60% of the premiums for that insurance are covered by taxpayers through the U.S Farm Bill, to the tune of about $8 billion every year.

As climate change exacerbates flooding and increases farm runoff pollution in the years to come, we can only expect the risks for farmers — and the cost to taxpayers — to increase.

That's one more reason FMR is working with partners across the state — including agricultural groups — to promote more resilient "clean-water crops" that help protect our water, soil and climate. 

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