Water Act Part 1: MN aims for 100% clean water by 2040

All generations deserve clean water

All generations deserve clean water. (Join us for Water Action Day 2019!)

This session, FMR and our coalition partners are teaming up to advance a new way forward for clean water in our state: The Minnesota Water Act

The first article of this four-part bill package sets our new clean water goal: 100% clean, safe and affordable water in Minnesota by 2040. 

Inspired by our state's renewable energy goals, we want Minnesota to commit to restoring our rivers and lakes and ensuring safe and affordable drinking water supplies within an ambitious but realistic timeline. 

We believe all Minnesota waters should meet basic health standards. Our rivers, lakes and groundwater should be healthy. All of our drinking water should be 100% safe to drink in all communities — no exceptions.

Right now, here's where we stand: 

  • Today, 40% of our waters are polluted
    In the land of 10,000 lakes, the home of clean water, this is 40% too much. From excess bacteria and algae blooms to erosion and farm runoff, Minnesota's 2018 Inventory of Impaired Waters found more than 5,000 waters that fail to meet basic standards. It's time we get serious about cleaning them up. 
  • Drinking water wells are contaminated 
    Today, at least 537 public water supply wells across the state have elevated levels of nitrate. About 10% of private wells in vulnerable areas exceed the official health risk limit, including some townships where 30% to 40% or more of private wells are unsafe to drink.

  • Aquatic wildlife is struggling
    Minnesota has more than 1,900 impairments for aquatic life, places where streams and lakes are too polluted for fish, clams and other aquatic life to survive or thrive. 

Minnesota has worked for decades to address these issues, only to see many of our gains compromised by increased farm runoffclimate change and thoughtless policy rollbacks.

To make real progress, we need new energy and a clear timeline for success. While this goal may be ambitious, so were our renewable energy goals at the time of their adoption. So we know Minnesotans know how to meet hard challenges to protect what we love.

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