Action Alert: Submit your comments on the Minneapolis MRCCA draft ordinance [CLOSED]

Minneapolis is about to adopt a new Mississippi River Critical Corridor Area (MRCCA) ordinance. This is an exciting milestone that will bring new development standards and environmental protections to our city's riverfront.

Minneapolis' draft ordinance has a lot of strengths, but we'd like it to be better for the birds. Join us in asking the city to require bird-safe building materials and lighting in new developments along the Mississippi River -- a critical migratory flyway for up to 40% of the nation's birds.

Public comments on the draft ordinance will be accepted through October 9, and we've made it easy to submit them using the form below. Your comments don't have to be long or technical; just focus on what you love about the Mississippi River and what your protection and development priorities are.

Looking for more inspiration? Here are a few ways to learn more:

• Read FMR's comments on the Minneapolis ordinance.
• Take a look at our most recent blog post, explaining more.
• Explore our videos, interactive maps and other resources that explain the MRCCA ordinance from A to Z.
• Sign up for our October 5 virtual workshop and Q&A, where we'll delve deeper into FMR's priorities and answer your questions.

Need more guidance? Here are some prompts to get you started:

• Name a special riverfront area or feature in Minneapolis that you value.
• Share what protections for the river (views, recreational access, wildlife and vegetation, water quality) are important to you, and why.
• Ask the city to require bird-safe buildings in all new riverfront construction.
• Ask the city to apply equitable urban design expectations across the city, including at Upper Harbor Terminal.
• Request clarity for developers and neighborhoods through establishing maximum building height limits allowed by variance or Conditional Use Permit.
• Thank the city for its thoughtful approach to protecting the river and creating a vibrant riverfront.

Submit your comments

This Action Alert is no longer available. Sign up to be a River Guardian and we'll keep you updated when the river needs your voice. Visit our River Corridor Blog to learn about similar issues.