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Election 2020: Voting Guide

Our next president, congress, state legislature and local elected officials will face daunting problems in the coming years. These leaders will need to step up to meet the climate crisis, to protect clean water and wildlife habitat, to work toward environmental health and justice, to listen to science, and to listen to all communities.

Pollinator summit

FMR is pleased to endorse the University of Minnesota Pollinator Summit Webinar Series happening online Monday, September 14–Thursday, September 17.

All are welcome for one or more days of in-depth, research-based sessions to protect precious Minnesota pollinators. Choose whichever sessions work for your schedule and budget.

Rain garden talk + tending

Rain gardens are one way for homeowners to beautify their yard while having a direct impact on the river. Rain gardens are designed to catch rainwater runoff, helping prevent erosion and filtering pollutants. They also provide wildlife habitat, attract pollinators and are a way to bring in beautiful plants and wildflowers to your yard.

Lop sprouting buckthorn in the river gorge [FULL]

Join us for an evening of working along the beautiful Mississippi River on the Minneapolis side of the river gorge. This event will take place in the sand flats - an area of riverside floodplain forest at the north end of FMR's 36th St. Oak Savanna restoration project.