Action Alert: Invest in clean water & oppose the UHT concert venue [CLOSED]

We believe that every Minnesotan deserves to benefit from wise investments in the Mississippi River.

As legislators embark on their fourth (and hopefully final) special session in 2020, we are renewing our calls to legislators to SUPPORT investments in clean water and OPPOSE using public dollars on a controversial private concert venue at the Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT).

Take action today to ask your legislators to SUPPORT bonding to #FixThePipesMN and OPPOSE funding for a concert venue at the Upper Harbor Terminal.


FMR, along with our friends in the Fix the Pipes Alliance, are once again joining forces to ask Minnesota lawmakers to #FixThePipesMN and invest at least $300 million to replace and improve aging water infrastructure this session.

In communities across the state, investments in water infrastructure made 60-70 years ago served us well, and now need to be repaired and replaced. Pipes are leaking, and drinking water and wastewater facilities need upgrades to protect the health of the communities they serve and every other community downstream.

This vital package will protect public health, provide clean drinking water, mitigate flooding and reduce pollution and untreated sewage from entering our great river.

It will also help restart Minnesota's COVID-19-ravaged economy by creating an estimated 7,200 jobs statewide with more than $1.8 billion in total economic impact. As cities and towns face severe revenue shortfalls due to the COVID-19 crisis, this investment is more important than ever. It's time for lawmakers to #FixThePipesMN.

OPPOSE: A private concert venue on public land in Minneapolis

The Upper Harbor Terminal proposal aims to use land currently in public ownership to build a privately operated concert venue adjacent to the river in North Minneapolis.

While attending concerts can be great fun, let's be clear about this proposal: Giving taxpayer dollars over to wealthy investors for a private concert venue during a public health and economic crisis is simply not the investment North Minneapolis needs most this year. It's time for legislators to press pause on the UHT idea.

Take Action

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