Where to buy food, drinks made with clean-water crops

Plastic cups of Kernza beer on a table, with homemade snack bars just past them and bags of products that feature clean-water crops on the other end of the table.

Some of the delicious food and drink products being made with clean-water crops. (Photo by FMR)

We've talked a lot about the environmental and economic promise of the clean-water crops being developed by the Forever Green Initiative. But some of these crops also make pretty darn tasty treats — many of which are available to buy online.

Below are some of the businesses selling products made with Forever Green crops. Keep in mind this list is not exhaustive, and some of these items might be small batches that go in and out of stock. (But if something isn't available right now, you can always check again at a later date.)

Were to buy clean-water crops products

American Hazelnut Company

  • Hazelnut snack packs (salted, spicy maple, roasted rosemary)
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Hazelnut kernels

Buy here

Artisan Naan Bakery

  • Kernza naan
  • Kernza pita pockets
  • Kernza pizza crust

Buy here

Baker's Field Flour & Bread

  • Kernza whole grain flour

Buy here (in-store pickup only)

Cascadian Farms

  • Organic Climate-Smart Kernza Grains Cereal

Buy via Whole Foods

  • Kernza Grain Baking Flour Blend

Buy via Walmart

Bang Brewing

  • Kernza lager (in partnership with Patagonia Provisions)

Learn more here

Columbia County Bread & Granola

  • Sprouted Kernza cracker.

Buy here

Doughp Creations

  • Kernza sourdough loaf
  • Kernza maple treats

Buy here

Kodiak Cakes

  • Kernza Cakes flapjack and waffle mix

Buy here

Patagonia Provisions

  • Kernza fusilli pasta.

Buy here

Perennial Pantry

  • Kernza crackers
  • Kernza flour
  • Kernza pancake and waffle mix
  • Kernza whole grain
  • Perennial CSA share

Buy here

River Hills Harvest

  • Elderberry juice 
  • Elderberry lemonade
  • Elderberry tea
  • Elderberry honey
  • Elderberryjelly.
  • Dried elderberrries

Buy here


  • Kernza cinnamon pancake mix
  • Honeyed Kernza muffin mix

Buy here


  • Kernza egg noodles
  • Kernza flour

Buy here

Tattersall Distilling

  • 100% Kernza Whiskey (limited quantities)

Learn more here

Looking for recipes?

Want to make some of your own baked goods and meals with clean-water crops? Check out the Forever Green CookbookThe Perennial Kitchen cookbook and the results of our Kernza bake-off for some tips and recipes.

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