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FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

Longfellow Nokomis Messenger ― November 18, 2018
by Ellie Rogers (FMR)
Cheers to the volunteers who removed invasive species and planted native trees and wildflowers for better wildlife habitat in the Mississippi River Gorge!
Mill City Times ― November 17, 2018
by Ellie Rogers (FMR)
A reblog of FMR's special places article on confluences.
Saturday Evening Post ― November 14, 2018
by Ken Budd
A profile of FMR SuperVolunteer Warren Stortroen. “This eager volunteer traded business suits for hiking boots to help scientists study the Earth...."
CBS ― November 13, 2018
3 No-Cost Events In Minneapolis - Friends of the Mississippi River happy hour
Rubicon Online ― November 12, 2018
by Emma Sampson
A student club at St. Paul Academy and Summit School helped restore habitat along the river in St. Paul by removing invasive species. Now they plan to plant a pollinator garden at their school.
Northeaster ― October 30, 2018
by Cynthia Sowden
After a great deal of planning and community discussion, our first public habitat restoration volunteer event took place on Nicollet Island near downtown Minneapolis.
Mill City Times ― October 22, 2018
As part of a new multi-year restoration of natural areas on Nicollet Island's northern half, volunteers planted 90 trees and shrubs and over 400 wildflowers, sedges and grasses at FMR's first public habitat restoration event on the island.
Minnesota Public Radio ― October 3, 2018
by Kirsti Marohn
Duluth News Tribune ― October 2, 2018
by John Myers
Finance & Commerce ― September 17, 2018
by Brian Johnson
Proposals are being drawn up for the former Ramsey County jail site along the river where the Wabasha bridge meets downtown St. Paul. FMR will continue to advocate for a vertical access component that allows people at street level to walk down the bluff to reach the river below.
Bluestem Prarie ― September 11, 2018
by environmental groups ask LCCMR not to raid trust funds
Longfellow Nokomis Messenger ― August 26, 2018
by Margie O' Laughlin
The Longfellow Minneapolis community hosted a celebration of the Mississippi River Gorge and the people who help to protect and restore it, including the River Gorge Stewards.


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