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FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

Star Tribune ― August 20, 2020
by Jennifer Bjorhus
Thanks to advocacy by FMR and its partners, new monitoring wells have been installed at Ford Area C. These wells will provide a better understanding of any hazards posed by this dumpsite on the floodplain.
Villager ― July 7, 2020
by Colleen O'Connor Toberman
In this letter to the editor, FMR's river corridor director notes that a planned solar array on top of the Ford Area C dumpsite sounds appealing, but poor timing for the solar project could jeopardize cleanup of the toxic site.
Northeaster ― May 18, 2020
by Alex Schlee
As our Nicollet Island restoration enters year three, the Northeaster notes the progress we've made with volunteer support. Dense buckthorn has now been replaced with a more diverse habitat. And we've even created educational plantings so parkgoers can learn more.
Star Tribune ― May 11, 2020
by Greg Stanley
What could be next for the locks and dams in downtown Minneapolis? FMR River Corridor Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman spoke with the Star Tribune about opportunities to get creative about our riverfront's future.
CCX TV ― April 10, 2020
by Eric Nelson
Our executive director Whitney Clark talked to CCX Media about ways to celebrate Earth Month while being safe during the pandemic.
Mpls. St. Paul Magazine ― March 30, 2020
by Mike Mosedale
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will install seven new small islands on Pig's Eye Lake. That's great news for habitat.
MinnPost ― March 10, 2020
by Jessica Lee
On March 10, the state Senate Capital Investment Committee held a hearing to discuss the City of Minneapolis’ $20 million bonding request for First Avenue’s proposed amphitheater at Upper Harbor Terminal. MinnPost covered the meeting and interviewed community members both supporting and opposing the project. The article references a letter of opposition that FMR wrote to the committee.
WCCO CBS ― March 4, 2020
Coyotes and foxes are mostly secretive animals, but sightings of these species are becoming more and more common throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Now, the Twin Cities Coyote and Fox Project is setting out to better understand how these critters use the urban environment. FMR is a partner organization for this project.
Midway Monitor ― February 29, 2020
by Margie O'Loughlin
This article recaps the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency meeting about Ford Area C's toxic riverfront dump site in February, and cites FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark's question about Ford's responsibility.
KSTP TV ― February 22, 2020
Local news station KSTP TV saw a room full of concerned neighbors at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency meeting about Ford Area C's toxic riverfront dump site in February. To explain why so many in the metro area want to prioritize monitoring and cleanup of this buried waste near Hidden Falls Park in St. Paul, our river corridor director Colleen O'Connor Toberman gave their reporters a tour.
KSTP TV ― February 20, 2020
After polluting on the North Minneapolis riverfront for years, Northern Metals was given a second chance to build a new facility in Becker. However, before that facility was even fully open, a large pile of cars caught fire and burned for five days. FMR River Corridor Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman spoke to KSTP-TV about Northern Metals' history of violations and community harm.
Star Tribune ― January 25, 2020
by Miguel Otárola
The City of Minneapolis and developers of the Upper Harbor Terminal will ask this year's Legislature for $20 million in bonds. FMR's Colleen O'Connor Toberman cautions that a lot of questions about the project need to be answered before taxpayer funds should be committed to its development.
Star Tribune ― January 8, 2020
by James Walsh
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will host a meeting on Ford Area C to give a more detailed overview of its history, its current condition and future options. Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted calling for more thorough investigation of the site's effect on the river and community health.
Mpls. St. Paul Magazine ― January 5, 2020
by Kait Ecker
The proposal for a river walkway that would allow views of St. Anthony Falls raises questions for FMR's Colleen O'Connor Toberman (quoted) and others.
MPR News ― December 5, 2019
by Kirsti Marohn
FMR Water Program Director Trevor Russell helps answer a listener's question about the Mississippi, murky by the time it reaches the St. Croix River. Spoiler: Sediment enters the Minnesota River, turning it brown. Much of that erosion is caused by farming practices in the region and carries harmful amounts of nitrates and phosphates with it.


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