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FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

Voice of America ― October 26, 2023
by Matt Haines

Despite its high environmental and economic costs, the literal "pipe dream" of diverting water from the Mississippi River to Arizona, Colorado and other dry states won't disappear.  FMR Water Program Director Trevor Russell was interviewed on this important topic as Mississippi River mayors band together to prevent such a diversion.

Bring Me The News ― September 7, 2023

A Hennepin County judge recently ruled that the city of Minneapolis must stop implementing the residential development portions of its 2040 Plan within the next 60 days. This article cites our position.

Star Tribune ― September 2, 2023
by Jennifer Bjorhus

It's been four years since Minnesota adopted its long-overdue Groundwater Protection Rule. But the state has published only three of the first 20 plans to help communities protect drinking water from elevated nitrate levels. Water Program Director Trevor Russell is quoted.

North Loop news ― August 28, 2023
by Mike Binkley

Our community-driven restoration project with North Loop Neighborhood Association is showing results! This article shows before and after photos of James Rice Park in Minneapolis and calls for volunteers to continue planting native habitat.

Star Tribune ― August 13, 2023
by Christopher Vondracek

Parts of the agricultural industry are trying to implement environmental solutions like green ammonia fertilizer production, soil health cultivation, perennial agriculture and more.

Star Tribune ― July 21, 2023
by Chloe Johnson

The Army Corps received just one-quarter of the money it needs to sufficiently study whether to keep, sell or remove Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam and Lock and Dam 1. That means we may not get answers to key issues, including how these options might impact sediment, local ecosystems and nearby infrastructure. 

Outdoor News ― July 14, 2023
by Brian Mozey

The Minnesota DNR's next steps on invasive carp include updating the Minnesota Invasive Carp Action Plan — a step we've been calling for for years. FMR will be a stakeholder group involved in the process, and we're advocating for prevention as well as management.

Minnesota Reformer ― July 5, 2023
by Mike Mosedale

This session, Minnesota lawmakers allocated only about a tenth of the funds it would take to construct a bio-acoustic fish fence at Lock and Dam 5 upriver of Winona. FMR agrees with U of M researcher Dr. Sorenson thinks a deterrent barrier is the last, best defense we have to stop invasive carp from establishing breeding populations — and the ensuing ecological damage — in Minnesota's beloved waterways.

MinnPost ― June 30, 2023
by Peter Callaghan

In the most thorough article we've seen yet about the cutoff wall that holds up St. Anthony Falls, MinnPost describes the collapse of the falls that spurred the wall's creation in 1876 — and its worryingly unexamined life since. FMR board member John Anfinson and Land Use and Planning Program Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman explain how we advocated at the Capitol this session for $1 million to examine the wall and create a risk assessment study.

Villager ― June 13, 2023
by Colleen O'Connor Toberman

FMR has been waiting for a river flood to gather more information about the hazards posted by Ford Motor Company's floodplain dumpsite in St. Paul, known as Area C. This year, we'll have new data.

WCCO News ― June 8, 2023
by Heather Brown

FMR Water Program Director Trevor Russell spoke to WCCO at Crosby Farm Regional Park for a 2023 "Good Question" segment. Trevor explains that the Mississippi River is cleaner and healthier than it once was, but it's not clean and healthy, and what swimmers should be aware of before diving in.

MPR News ― June 8, 2023
by Kirsti Marohn

FMR and other advocates with the Stop Carp Coalition hoped for $17 million to create a barrier at Lock and Dam 5, the best option we have at the moment to keep carp from spawning upstream. Instead, the Legislature alotted $1.72 million for carp management.

Star Tribune ― June 1, 2023
by Dennis Anderson

At the same time the Minnesota Legislature was ending its 2023 session without funding an invasive carp barrier, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was rushing a crew down to Lock and Dam 5 near Winona after an angler reported spotting invasive silver carp there. FMR is noted as an advocate of the barrier.

Minnesota Reformer ― May 4, 2023
by Mike Mosedale

Without inspecting the cutoff wall at St. Anthony Falls, we don't know what state it's in and how close it might be to breach or collapse. This article outlines the history of renewed interest in the wall and quotes FMR board member John Anfinson on why this uncertainty is a problem.

Star Tribune ― April 25, 2023
by John O. Anfinson

A three-story wall runs beneath the Mississippi River and keeps St. Anthony Falls from collapsing. This "cutoff wall" is essential for drinking water and our riverfront, but it's nearly 150 years old and hasn't been inspected since its construction. FMR board member John Anfinson explains why we're advocating for study funding at the Capitol.


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