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FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

Star Tribune ― August 31, 2019
by Shannon Prather
The Army Corps of Engineers has built over 25 islands on the river and wants to make seven more in the Pig's Eye backwaters. Built from dredge material, these islands would create shoreline habitat for birds, fish, otters and more. Some are calling for more public input opportunities and more study, but we're hopeful about the project's potential for wildlife. FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark quoted.
Northeaster ― June 25, 2019
by Alex Schlee
On June 11, we installed a demonstration prairie at Nicollet Island. This article overviews the whole restoration project and highlights our volunteers. FMR ecologist Alex Roth quoted.
Star Tribune ― June 8, 2019
by Jennifer Bjorhus
Minnesota’s leaders are taking action to fix one of our biggest public health problems: drinking water polluted by farm fertilizers. A new Minnesota Department of Agriculture rule will limit the use of nitrogen fertilizer in vulnerable areas of the state, with the goal of reducing the amount of dangerous nitrates that infiltrate our waterways and put human health and aquatic life at risk. But a quarter of the state draws water from private wells that aren't helped by the plan. We'll still need more comprehensive solutions, like clean-water crop diversification, if we want every Minnesotan to have clean drinking water says FMR Water Program Director Trevor Russell, quoted in the article.
The Villager ― June 4, 2019
Friends of river oppose senior housing plan along Lilydale bluffs
by Kevin Driscoll

Lilydale considers a plan that would turn the site of the old Moose Country bar and River Bluffs Center into senior housing that's too close to the bluff edge and too tall. FMR River Corridor Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman quoted. (Article not available online.)

Hastings Star Gazette ― May 29, 2019
by Ellen Rogers
Vermillion River Linear Park is a 60-acre prairie in the heart of Hastings that FMR has worked with students for years to restore. Hastings high schoolers wanted to make sure passersby knew about the boon to wildlife and water quality right in their backyard.
Pioneer Press ― May 25, 2019
by Frederick Melo
Developer Ryan Swingruber proposes turning Island Station's former coal-based power plant into apartments with public river access. FMR River Corridor Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman is quoted affirming our appreciation of the river access components of the plan.
Pioneer Press ― May 20, 2019
by Nick Ferraro
Lilydale is considering a plan that would turn the site of the old Moose Country bar and River Bluffs Center into senior housing. But the new development would be too close to the river bluff's edge and too tall to maintain a scenic river view. The Pioneer Press spoke with River Corridor Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman about FMR's concerns.
Star Tribune ― May 16, 2019
by Shannon Prather
The West Side trail that leads from the river bluffs to Lilydale Park may finally reopen. As they restore the trail, St. Paul Parks and Recreation wants to balance access and safety, given the potential for landslides. To make the slope trail safer, they’ve planted native grasses, placed erosion blankets and enhanced signage. Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted.
MinnPost ― May 15, 2019
by Jessica Lee
Upper Harbor Terminal developer United Properties' partner Thor Construction is closing its doors. What does this mean for the current development plan on the river in Minneapolis? FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark and others think it won't change the current trajectory.
Villager ― May 7, 2019
by Jane McClure
FMR River Corridor Director Colleen O'Connor Toberman voiced concern about conflicts between MRCCA regulations and St. Paul's 2040 Comprehensive Plan's river corridor chapter.
The Sun ― April 25, 2019
by Andy Rogers
Our partnership with Flint Hills Resources on Pine Bend Bluffs restoration is highlighted in this celebratory article.
Pioneer Press ― April 20, 2019
by Bob Shaw
As River Falls approved the decades-long process of dam removal from the Kinnickinnic River in Wisconsin, some project similar conversations to escalate for the Mississippi River. FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted.
The article by Bob Shaw of the Pioneer Press was republished by more than 10 publications and stations across the country and Minnesota: • Austin Daily HeraldPost Bulletin
Longfellow Nokomis Messenger ― March 24, 2019
by Margie O'Loughlin
A spotlight on this spring's ninth edition of FMR volunteer Leslie Thomas's river-inspired writing project, Write to the River.
Longfellow Nokomis Messenger ― March 24, 2019
A rundown of what makes this annual family-friendly Minneapolis Earth Day event so great.
Star Tribune ― March 15, 2019
by Greg Stanley
Former FMR board member and Ramsey mayor Sarah Strommen stepped into the role of MN Department of Natural Resources commissioner earlier this year. Leaders from orgs like Mining Minnesota to our own executive director have faith she’ll do the job with integrity.


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