State of the River Report Teacher's Guide

State of the River Report 2016 Teacher's Guide cover

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The Teacher’s Guide aims to apply the content of the State of the River Report 2016 to grades 3-12 classrooms. Lessons are anchored in Minnesota state standards providing information, resources and activities that fulfill a benchmark.

By design, lessons may stand alone or be embedded in a unit of study. Field trips are not necessary to provide students with engaging, interactive, place-based experiences! The Teacher’s Guide provides lessons that educators can easily implement in their schools and classrooms.

Teachers are encouraged to apply the lessons presented here to a service project found at the end of the guide. These opportunities will help students transfer what they have learned into action.

Please email products, pictures of students engaged in learning or the Student Stewardship Guide (page 30) to

Your questions and feedback are also welcome! Thank you for supporting the development of river stewards. We look forward to hearing from you!

— Dr. Meg Cavalier, Author

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