The State of the River Report

State of the River Report 2016 cover

 "So, how is the Mississippi River?"

Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR) and the National Park Service’s Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA) are pleased to present the second edition of the State of the River Report 2016.

In 2012 and again in 2016, we partnered to develop the inaugural State of the River Report. That report spurred a series of river management milestones, including closure of the Upper St. Anthony lock in downtown Minneapolis, statewide phase-outs of triclosan and coal tar sealants, and improved targeting of state clean water funds.

For the second edition, FMR and MNRRA once again ask the question: “So, how is the Mississippi River?” The State of the River Report 2016 highlights 14 key indicators of river health and presents each in a way that non-scientists can understand. The report examines the status and trends of each indicator and highlights strategies for improvement.

Companion Guides

We know that clean water is everyone’s responsibility, and we can all do our part to help protect this vital natural resource. To help readers make use of the State of the River Report, we’ve also created companion guides.

  • The Stewardship Guide provides practical steps that individuals can take in their home, yard and community to improve the health of the Mississippi.
  • The Teacher's Guide helps teachers and students carry the lessons of the report into the classroom.
  • The FMR Policy Guide  offers priority actions that federal, state and local leaders can take for the river.

Looking Forward

As individuals and as a society we make choices that affect the river both for better or worse. The river is cleaner today because previous generations came together and demanded something better. What will future generations say we did to restore our beloved Mississippi River? We hope the State of the River Report will guide us toward a more healthy and sustainable river, for ourselves and for generations yet to come.

For additional State of the River Report-related content, see the table of contents above right or, on smaller screens, below.

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