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Action Alert: Justice can't wait. Support police reform. [CLOSED]

As Minnesota legislators embark on a second special session, we're once again asking you to stand up for the voices of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) by supporting the Minnesota Legislature's 19-member People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus justice reforms >>

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Action Alert: Invest in clean water bonding [CLOSED]

Tell your legislators to #FixthePipesMN and fund CREP this special session >>

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Action Alert: Pass a clean Environment Trust Fund Bill [CLOSED]

Tell your legislators to pass a standalone environment trust fund bill. >>

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Study: human-made pollutants in remote, undeveloped lakes?

A recent story from Minnesota Public Radio shines a light on some unexpected (and unnerving) new findings. Even in Minnesota’s relatively remote and pristine lakes, researchers are finding human-made contaminants of concern.  >>


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Dust in the wind (spreads toxic algae)

Pristine lakes in remote parts of Minnesota — and around the country — are beginning to suffer from blooms of toxic algae, and scientists are piecing together a troubling answer as to why.  >>

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Special session #1: A swing and a miss

Like pretty much everything in 2020 so far, Minnesota's recent legislative special session didn't go as well as we'd hoped it would.  >>

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FMR joins renewed call to #FixthePipesMN

FMR joins with diverse #FixThePipesMN alliance in a renewed call for water infrastructure investments during a future special session. >>

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A call for justice, equity and inclusion in our 2020 special sessions

At FMR, we believe that the Mississippi River belongs to all of us. As long as people of color live in fear of police violence and are made to feel unwelcome or unsafe in public spaces, the river does not belong to them. That must change. And we need to support this change during Minnesota's special session. Learn more and take action >>

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Action Alert: Support POCI Caucus police and justice proposals [CLOSED]

In addition to our preexisting legislative priorities, FMR is following proposals from the Minnesota Legislature’s 19-member People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus. We urge you to to support them for a more equitable Minnesota.  >>

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Potato fiasco turns even more rotten

According to new disclosures, an enormous scofflaw corporation is trying to skirt basic environmental regulations in order to make billions on ... potatoes.  >>

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